Your Guarantee

AlgaeCal Plus Will Increase Your Bone Density in One Year...or Double Your Money Back!

Do yourself the favor of getting a DEXA scan to assess your bone mineral density, then take AlgaeCal Plus as directed for one full year, then have another DEXA scan done to measure the results.

If your DEXA scan results do not show that your bone density has increased in either your hip and or spine, we will refund not one month, not two, but double all 12 months of your AlgaeCal purchase. We want you to feel the confidence we have in our products, confidence provided by clinical evidence. No other company offers any guarantee even close to this because no other company is as certain of their product's efficacy!

Guarantee Exceptions: Our guarantee does not apply to the following situations.

1. Prescription Drugs - Any prescription drugs can lead to increased bone loss.

2. Bisphosphonate Drug use (such as Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, etc...) for a period of several months and then stopping results in poor quality bone which needs to be replaced requiring additional time. If you start the AlgaeCal Bone Health Program, the first six months may be dedicated to replacing the poor bone before building regular bone mass.

3. Early Post-menopause - The first five years after the onset of menopause results in rapidly falling bone density.

*In each of the above situations the AlgaeCal program is still highly recommended as it may reduce the losses, or increase bone density. Your bones need each of the building blocks in AlgaeCal, perhaps even more than individuals who's bones have not been affected by medications.