Early Bone Health Deterioration In Persons With Multiple Sclerosis


We already know that osteoporosis is a metabolic bone condition typified with the thinning of bone tissue and the reduction of bone mineral density. This is coupled with the deterioration of the bone microarchitecture and an alteration in the quantity of proteins in bones, eventually raising the risk of easy fracturing of bones.

Conclusions from a recent research conducted by Stine Marit Moen, MD, of Oslo University Hospital Ulleval in Norway, on 99 people with an average age of 37 recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis were published on July 12th 2011, in the medical journal Neurology® of the American Academy of Neurology. (1)

The study was done to single out the cause of osteoporosis in persons who suffered multiple sclerosis for a long time. Though the multiple sclerosis- osteoporosis connection was well observes, the definite cause was not arrived at and the medical fraternity was not sure if reduction in bone density in patients was onset due to the intake of multiple sclerosis medication, lack of exposure to the Sun, or lack of exercise and body movement etc.

The hypothesis in this study conducted by the of Oslo University Hospital Ulleval was that if Vitamin D had a bearing on the risk of multiple sclerosis, then low levels of Vitamin D on would start to exhibit adverse affects on the bone density of patient(s).

The test group had bone density assessment done an average of 1.6 years after they had first reported any signs or symptoms suggesting the onset of multiple sclerosis. As with most researches their test results were compared to bone tests of 159 people of similar age, gender and ethnicity who did not have the disease. A majority of the persons with multiple sclerosis were found to be having osteoporosis or ostopoenia (a less severe version of osteoporosis which puts a person at greater risk to developing osteoporosis).

It was observed that even after the adjustment of factors affecting bone density such as usage of tobacco, alcohol, malnutrition or taking hormone treatments, the results remained the same for those with multiple sclerosis. Thus the results directly pointed at the need for doctors to address the issue of increased possibility of developing osteoporosis in patients of multiple sclerosis. Multiple scelrosis patients could be encouraged to step up their intake of calcium and vitamin D as well as increase their level of weight-bearing activities apart from being regular with medical checkups and medications.

Osteoporosis is a major health threat to approximately 44 million Americans, 68% of who are women. (2)



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