Podcast interview with Lara Pizzorno

best vitamin supplement for osteoporosis

Listen HERE as Lara Pizzorno, MDiv, author of Your Bones discusses her book and bone health with Elena del Valle, host of the HispanicMPR.com podcast.


Lara is member of the American Medical Writers Association with 29 years of experience with bone health. Her motivation to learn how to naturally fight osteoporosis came from being directly affected by it, as it’s a condition that runs in her family.

Lara discovered AlgaeCal because she has been a medical writer and editor of a medical journal and recently wrote ‘Love Your Bones’, a book on bone health. She was constantly looking at the research on bone health and found a number of studies that got her interested in AlgaeCal.

She discovered two laboratory studies (in vitro and cell culture) in which AlgaeCal greatly outperformed the other forms of calcium: calcium carbonate and calcium citrate in bone cells; in osteoblasts.

Finding several new studies in which AlgaeCal was very effective in building bone, Lara began to take the product herself in the summer of 2011. Her next DXA test showed her bone density had gone up significantly. Spinal T scores went from a -1.7 T score to -1.5. and femur went from -1.9 to -1.5.

After a lifetime of searching for natural ways to alleviate porous bones, Lara was very thrilled with her results and continues to spread the word whenever she can.

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