Meet AlgaeCal’s Mischievous Customer Service Rep

algaecal mascot

This week we wanted to introduce Buddy, AlgaeCal’s office dog!

Buddy is a beautiful short-haired, German Weimaraner. Buddy’s family history goes back to the late 18th and 19th century as early Weimaraners were used by royalty for hunting large game such as bear and deer.

Buddy’s owner/mama is Jeanne, who is our Director of International Sales. Buddy and Jeanne have been family since Buddy was born, 9 human years! And even though he is now 9 years old, he still has the energy of a young pup.

For those of you who have called in to our customer service lines and happened to hear some background noise (barking) here is the culprit!

We apologize as Buddy gets extremely excited when people walk into the office, usually setting off a few barks as a welcome. We think of him as our guard dog, but in reality, he is our gentle Buddy!

algaecal team us

AlgaeCal's Mascot: Buddy

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About AlgaeCal

AlgaeCal Inc provides natural bone health products, such as calcium and mineral supplements. AlgaeCal's feature product is a unique plant source calcium and mineral complex derived from a South American marine algae called Algas Calcareas™. AlgaeCal is a natural occurring mixture of bone building nutrients, containing calcium, magnesium and several other proven bone supporting ingredients such as boron, silicon and strontium.

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