Meet Your AlgaeCal Customer Service Team

algaecal customer service
Whether you’ve called into AlgaeCal to learn more about us, order a product, or ask a question, you’ve probably spoken to one of our amazing customer service reps.

We at AlgaeCal pride ourselves on our customer service and have built an absolute dream team! And we want you to get to know them a little better.

So below they have answered a few questions that reveal a little bit of who they are!

May Chien

May is a little ball of energy working hard for AlgaeCal and its customers. When she isn’t researching new osteoporosis studies and facts, she is convincing the rest of the AlgaeCal office to join in with her Bubble Tea obsession.

What are you doing to maintain your health (ex. sport or a healthy diet)?
I try to maintain a balanced diet and refrain from processed foods, combined with daily exercises.

What is your favourite summer sport?
My favourite summer sport would be swimming even though I am not a good swimmer I certainly enjoy being in the water.

When was the most memorable moment at AlgaeCal?
Every time I pick up a call and the customer on the other end tells me that she is no longer osteoporotic! It always melts my heart.

Michelle Wang

Michelle is also new to the AlgaeCal team, although she is not new customer service. Her past experience plus kind personality makes her an amazing addition to the team!

What is your favourite summer activity?
My favorite summer activity is beach volleyball and biking.

When was the most memorable moment at AlgaeCal?
Most memorable moment at AlgaeCal is hearing a call from a client whose bone density increased dramatically and she was very grateful and happy.

What are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about animals, I would love to build an animal shelter one day if I ever make it big. If you want more work related, then I guess I’m passionate about improving and innovating.

Suki Zhang

Suki is one of our newest customer service reps and has made a seamless transition to the AlgaeCal team. Her daily lunch break consists of keeping up with the latest Chinese dramas. Little does she know, some of the team members peer over her shoulder to keep up with them too!

What are you doing to maintain your health (ex. sport or a healthy diet)?
I am dancing and try to have a healthy diet.

What is your favourite summer activity?
To go travelling and enjoy the sunshine with family and friends, eat lots, sleep lots.

When was the most memorable moment at AlgaeCal?
The first day I started working because I was intrigued to learn all the things about the company and its culture.

Duncan Ho

Duncan is our lone male in customer service but that doesn’t intimidate him. He’s known around the office for his intelligence and dry sense of humor, which has won everyone over.

What are you doing to maintain your health (ex. sport or a healthy diet)?
I don’t have a plan to maintain my health. Sometimes I notice that my old pants seem to be a little bit too tight for me and then I begrudgingly do some exercise in an attempt to fit them, but as I get better, I don’t have the discipline to keep doing the exercise. I saw a t-shirt in a shop with words,”This is as good as it’s ever going to get” with an arrow pointing to where the face should be. That T-shirt would describe me perfectly.

What is your favourite summer activity?
I am not an outdoors person, so I am not as sensitive to the changes in weather as someone who is actually in touch with the outside world. Notwithstanding, the summer heat would sometimes reach the basement where I reside, so I would be even more reluctant to physically exert myself than usual. I enjoy reading, surfing the internet for things of interest, and also doing puzzles.

What are you passionate about?
Well, I love my family and I would like to spend as much time with them as possible. I also love learning about new stuff. That’s why I spend so much time on the internet.

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AlgaeCal Inc provides natural bone health products, such as calcium and mineral supplements. AlgaeCal's feature product is a unique plant source calcium and mineral complex derived from a South American marine algae called Algas Calcareas™. AlgaeCal is a natural occurring mixture of bone building nutrients, containing calcium, magnesium and several other proven bone supporting ingredients such as boron, silicon and strontium.

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