McDonald’s wants ‘sustainable’ beef. What does that mean?

A few months ago McDonald’s announced that it will start to buy ‘verified sustainable’ beef in 2016. It’s commendable that the food giant is seeking out the green route, but what does that mean exactly?

The article by NPR Salt, goes on to say that a group called the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef are drafting principles and criteria for what ‘sustainable beef’ will mean. It’s interesting that a company can claim a food label when it doesn’t exist yet. With that in mind, a clear definition will eventually exist but it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon, “Twenty years is kind of the time frame we’re looking at.” Meaning McDonald’s beef won’t be ‘verified sustainable’ when it starts to roll it out in 2016.

With unregulated health claims on labels it seems difficult to decipher what labels are the real deal and what ones are not! A recent article on Food Label Terms To Read Twice goes into detail about misleading food labels and the 4 that you should watch out for.

Read the full article on McDonald’s and ‘sustainable’ beef here:


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