Are Off Label Drug Claims Offside?

Have you heard the term “off label use” in passing, or in the news or from a friend? It refers to medications your doctor may be prescribing to you that have not necessarily been studied for that particular condition or disease.

The manufacturers of the medicines, and their agents argue that the ability to make off label claims is a benefit to the end consumer as costs are reduced. But the flipside is that it can be dangerous for the consumer who becomes the guinea pig, and some argue, simply because it’s profitable for the producers.

As well, the dollars you think you’re saving can vanish as health insurers often wriggle out of covering off label prescriptions.

Many times this off label feud has ended up in federal court, with hundreds of millions of dollars in fines being levied against the accused – and paid.

It’s a very serious topic that likely affects you or a loved one. Let’s zoom in on this and see what lies beneath the surface…

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