Dr. La Puma Will Tell You How to Improve Your Sleep in 1 minute

John La Puma-2 Guest Author :John La Puma MD is a practicing physician, board-certified in internal medicine and nutritionist. His latest publication is REFUEL: A 24 Day Eating Plan to Boost T and Stamina Naturally. For more from Dr. John La Puma, please visit drjohnlapuma.com.

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Everyone is short on sleep these days, but women suffer more mentally and physically than men if they get fewer Zs. That’s even more true in perimenopause and menopause, because as estrogen and progesterone drop, their sleep-inducing abilities go away too. Having trouble staying asleep is an early warning sign for menopause, and postmenopausal women are at risk for hypothyroidism, weight gain and sleep apnea…but you already knew that. The good news? Both men and women can turn down the blue wavelength light from LED screens earlier before bed, and help the pineal gland in your brain make the melatonin it needs to help you fall asleep faster.


Hi I’m Dr. John La Puma with your Refuel Minute. Are you in the dark about sleep? Growth hormone natural fights muscle loss if you’re chronically stressed and your work life balance is off. Each sleep is the primary time you release growth hormone. Men who sleep soundly make 65% more growth hormone than those who don’t.

To get more growth hormone and more refreshing sleep, use a sleep mask or a sleep machine to make melatonin, the sleep hormone. Turn off or dim your device two hours before bed. Artificial light, especially blue light, knocks down melatonin. And third, make pets sleep in their own beds.

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